I have delivered keynote speeches and address all over the world and I have gradually built a collection of documents. The topics are listed below. 

Academies & Art Education

Keynote, ELIA, Brighton 2007

Life and Afterlife

Keynote, Norwich 2010

Keeping Expo Legacies Alive

Keynote, Shanghai 2006

Sex, Skill and Politics in Art Nouveau

Keynote, Antoni Gaudi’s La Pedrera, Barcelona 2016

The Detroit World’s Fair

Paper, 2012

‘Craft’ and the Modern
system of the arts

Conference paper, Paris 2013

Manet & Exposition of
Modern Life

Conference paper, Oslo 2011

The Anatomy of Utopia

Keynote, Modernism Conference, Washington 2007

Worrying About the Modern

Article, American Crafts, 2007

Beyond the Vessel

Paper, Istanbul 2018

Discourse and Decoration

Keynote, American Ceramic Nationals, Syracuse, New York 1993

Modern Enlightenment & Crafts

Opening Address, Neo-Craft Conference, Canada 2007

Art Nouveau – Design of love and anger

Essay, Paris 2012

Craft and The New Humanism

Keynote, Dundee 2007

The End of Style?

Article, V&A Postmodernism Exhibition 2010

of self

Published paper 1988

Beyond the Vessel

Paper, Istanbul 2018